By the Numbers

The brands and companies listed in the Superbrands report represent a huge chunk of the billions spent on advertising in the U.S. each year. As in past years, the individual brands are ranked in two ways:

Brands listed in the 15 category sections are ranked among their peers according to full-year 2009 sales in the U.S. market (unless otherwise noted). Here, readers will find competitive analysis and industry trends compiled by the Brandweek staff along with ad agency affiliation, full-year media spending.

Brands in the Top 2000 tables are ranked by full-year 2009 measured media expenditures in the U.S., as tallied by Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

That said, to be considered a Superbrand, a particular nameplate must be advertised in a quantifiable manner across Nielsen Monitor-Plus' media classifications (TV, print, outdoor, radio, etc.). The list is biased against corporate trademarks. Brands that engage in under-the-radar marketing as a predominant tactic aren't likely to appear in these tables.

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Methodology: Finding America's Top Brands
How we create the list of American Top Brands and the Superbrands category rankings.

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