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Apparel — No. 1 VF full list
Automobiles — No. 1 GM full list
Beer, Wine, Liquor — No. 1 Bud Light full list
Beverages — No. 1 Coke Classic full list
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Introduction to SuperBrands 2010
Think about your favorite brand. Chances are you've had a positive experience with it, find the advertising speaks to you in a somewhat flattering fashion and are attracted to the aura around the brand in such a way that you desire some sort of association. Beyond that, though, there's a factor that's more subliminal. Change. In general, we want our brands to evolve along with us, even to challenge us in some ways. If it's a car, we want the new model to look different—better—than last year. If it's a sneaker, we want it to be lighter or prettier. If it's a detergent, we want to know that the company behind it will stop at nothing until the formula gets clothes cleaner than anything else. Otherwise, who cares about your detergent brand? Why not just buy private label instead?
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