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Blog Pulse - An automated tool that monitors thousands of the most influential blogs daily for articles and mentions of the top 100 brand names/companies/TV shows.
More relevant than using a search engine: specialized queries are updated constantly by our editors to extract the most up to date information, eliminating the clutter using keywords and associated terms to capture the most complete picture of the blogosphere.
Buzz Metrics tracks the number of total mentions and provides a weekly ranking, to clearly see what brands/TV shows are getting the most coverage.
One click access directly to the blogs themselves, so you can see exactly where the brand/TV show is mentioned and in what context.
Monitor the current buzz on companies/brands/TV shows to make an informed decision about your brand associations.
Identify your top "brand advocates" in the marketplace. Cultivate those relationships by keeping them on top of what your brand is doing.

Agency Profiles - Provides a searchable database to research advertising agencies around the globe.
Conduct in depth research on advertising agencies all in one place.
Target agencies by location, specialties, type, creative work, and Adweek Editors' expert annual review and ratings of the top agencies.
Review the agency's own description of their work and philosophies

Accounts in Review
See the details on accounts put into review as they're available. Know the incumbent, see the agencies who are participating, and research the agencies themselves in the Creative Directory and Agency Profiles.
Stay on top of how changes in accounts at your current agency may impact your business.
Know when your competition is considering a change in their agency, which could indicate a change in their targeting and how they are doing business.

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