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Other Products available from Brandweek

Adweek Directories:
Adweek Directories Online is where you will find searchable databases with comprehensive information on Ad Agencies, Brand Marketers and Multicultural Media. All the information from the Adweek Directory, Brandweek Directory and Multicultural Marketing in America Directory can be targeted by multiple criteria and viewed in detail. Key contact information for personnel and companies can be downloaded to your personal computer with the online product - available in Print/CD-Rom and Online. Click here for more information.

Brandweek SuperBrands - PDF's:
The Brandweek's Superbrands report presents an analysis by Brandweek's reporters of the brand rankings in 25 key categories based on sales while also providing media expenditures and the brands lead advertising agency. The report also ranks America's top 2000 brands by comparing sales from year to year and the % change. Consumer perceptions of brands from Harris Interactive's EquiTrend study round out the package.

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