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AdweekMedia Upfront is your one-stop shop for all news and analysis about the television upfront marketplace, in which some $18 billion in advertising is committed to the broadcast and cable networks, TV syndicators and their digital arms. Coverage from the reporters and editors of Mediaweek, Adweek, Brandweek and The Hollywood Reporter includes the latest breaking marketplace news, analysis of program offerings from the networks, insight from Mr TV, Marc Berman and Live Feed blogger, James Hibberd, and video analysis of the major networks' upfront presentations to media buyers and planners..


Customer loyalty is more important than ever as consumers are cautiously deciding where to spend their dollars. Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index looks at 441 brands across 63 categories. It reveals which brands have the best customer loyalty according to 26,000 consumers.

Super Bowl Coverage

AdweekMedia's dedicated Super Bowl XLIV channel melds news, video and social-media to provide integrated coverage of the advertising in this year's game.

Visit early and often for the latest news updates from the writers and editors of Adweek, Brandweek and Mediaweek and a selection of classic Super Bowl ads old and new. And join us during the game on Feb. 7 as we post all the 2010 spots as they air, and vote for your favorite and least favorite.

Also, at game time on Feb. 7, join us here to watch a live chat about the 2010 ads with some of the industry's top creative minds.


See how the top 2,000 brands and the top 15 categories are faring with Superbrands, a Brandweek special section that looks at the spending, innovation and trends among the elite advertisers.


Brandweek editors pick the most effective and most audacious marketers of the last year and tell the story behind the triumph.

Hispanic Marketing Report

Hispanic Marketing ReportThe latest look at the industry's fastest-growing market.




Family Friendly Family Friendly

The group was formed in 1998 with one main goal in mind: to ensure greater opportunities for family-friendly programming on network TV. That mission worked well for the first decade. But in a world in which digital content is so versatile, the Alliance is broadening its focus to include all media, including nontraditional venues such as the Internet, video games and mobile phones.

The AEF: New mission. New brand. The AEF: New mission. New brand.

For 25 years, the Advertising Educational Foundation has encouraged a dialogue between academia and the advertising industry by tackling the big issues. As the AEF grew and with the dramatic changes taking place across our industry in recent years, it became clear it was time to bring the mission up to date. The new brand reflects the AEF's passion and firm resolve to remain at the center of the advertising discourse for many exciting years to come.

sports marketing Sports Marketing

Despite the uncertain economy, the show must go on. A growing chorus of voices in the sports marketing industry is implementing strategies that many hope will turn 2009 into a year in which they can not only survive but thrive. Several trends indicate these optimists might just be right.

MMA Awards Guide Celebrating the Best in Brand/Media Integration

What makes some campaigns fall flat and others catch fire? This year's BUZZ Award winners know the secrets. They've masterfully linked message to media to produce the best in the exploding field of branded entertainment-from brilliant product placements to ingenious integrations.

MMA Awards Guide Mobile Marketing Association Annual Guide

Anytime, anywhere, always on, always available... Mobile allows a brand to connect with its consumer like never before. The MMA Annual Mobile Marketing Guide highlights the leaders and innovators in the global mobile marketing industry. It features the companies and individuals who have shown leadership, creativity and excellence in their mobile campaigns, technologies, initiatives and, in some cases, their partnerships.

Macys Macy's 150th Anniversary Celebration

Exceptional service to both the customer and the community is the core reason Macy's has not just endured for 150 years but risen to the status of American icon, building countless brands along the way and boosting the local media and economies where its stores do business.

Gaming The Action-Packed World of Video Game Advertising

Though in-game advertising isn't new-it goes back nearly a decade with static product placements akin to those in Hollywood's feature films-it's changing in ways that are drawing more dollars, more attention and more results.

Magazines to Watch Media Planners Guide to Independent and New Magazines

When the Goliaths of the magazine world are struggling with declining circulation and advertising pages, how do the Davids compete? Read the AdweekMedia and SRDS special report to find out which are the magazines to watch.

Advertising Promotion Experiential Marketing: Changing the way you relate to brands

Never before has the marketing world been moving so quickly, and it's the customers who are sitting in the driver's seat of the pace car. Each new tech gadget that customers purchase speeds the pace and makes the world go a little faster. The proliferation of these technologies and emerging media has changed the way customers talk, the way they listen, the way they act, and what they expect from brands and marketers.

IAB Mixx Awards Advertising in the Age of Interactive

For advertisers, every new medium brings with it new opportunities. Print introduced text and visuals, radio brought sound, and television represented a giant step forward with the moving image. But the Internet is unique. It brings together every component that came before it-audio, still images, text and video-while introducing its own, interactivity. The result? A quantum leap in both the art and science of advertising.

trademarks and copyrights Goodby and Silverstein 25th Anniversary

A salute to Goodby, Silverstein and Partners' 25 years as leaders and innovators in the advertising industry. "In the early '80s, two young and talented guys influenced by this culture set out to, yet again, change our expectations of what is creative, what is advertising?..."

trademarks and copyrights Trademarks and Copyrights

Brand Defense: Protecting Trademarks and Copyrights. Assuming that infringements on your branded intellectual property, trademarks and copyrights will be easy to detect, and that your response will be swift and merciless, could be a mistake. The world of IP protection-particularly online-is becoming more complicated.

Event Marketing Event Marketing

Face time is quality time, in terms of connecting with consumers. That's why more and more brands are adding or increasing the use of events in their marketing mix. Those up-close-and personal experiences—via everything from sporting events to concerts to college projects to street teams and sampling programs—have the power to memorably engage consumers, create a unique connection with them and drive sales.

LIMA Licensing Gala Awards Coverage LIMA Licensing Gala Awards Coverage

More and more companies are embracing licensing not merely as a revenue generator but as an integral component of their brand marketing strategies. Property owners, their licensing agents and retailers have all become much more savvy in their approach to the discipline. One of the strongest growth areas continues to be corporate brand licensing, which makes sense: Given the tremendous competitive pressures that exist today, businesses need to find new ways to promote and extend their brands, and a well-managed licensing program is a viable way to do so.

Executive Education and MBA Guide Executive Education and MBA Guide

A recent study on career advancement by Forrester Research's CMO Group and Heidrick & Struggles showed the majority of respondents wanted to become a CMO of a large company or brand or a chief executive officer, but that they currently spend only about 10 percent of their time on enhancing the skills necessary to take their careers to the next level.

Marketing to Asian Americans Marketing to Asian Americans

THEY'RE AFFLUENT, HIGHLY EDUCATED AND GREAT AT SAVING MONEY AND SPENDING IT ON LUXURY BRANDS. They have the fastest population growth rate of all racial groups, the highest median household income, and very high rates of business ownership. And they are trendsetters in many spheres of our national life-including food, healthcare, recreation, education, and cutting-edge, high-tech entertainment, With all these superlatives, they're a marketer's dream. "They" are Asian Americans-a population numbering almost 15 million people of diverse ethnic descent and origin-and they're the biggest opportunity of the marketing world.

shopper marketing Shopper Marketing

A new study commissioned by the Promotion Marketing Association's newly formed Shopper Marketing Center of Excellence identified broad and growing acceptance of the practice of shopper marketing among both retailers and marketers, as well as a need for closer collaboration between them. The comprehensive online survey, fielded in March of this year in conjunction with Brandweek, Progressive Grocer and Convenience Store News, polled manufacturers and retailers as well as the agencies and marketing service organizations working with them. The results provide a provocative glimpse into the current state of shopper marketing and vividly point out the gaps in achieving its promise.

Social Responsibility Social Responsibility

Leading companies are making conscious efforts to engage in socially and environmentally aware causes-- and the success rate is undeniable. The positive impact these campaigns have had on society is evident in the increased interest of the public to engage in these social responsibility efforts.

AWNY Advertising Women of New York Changing the Game Awards 2008

Breaking the rules, thinking outside the box, coloring out of the lines... These are the demands required of leaders in today's business environment. How do we keep our thinking fresh and innovative when facing down the status quo? Who are the agents of change among us? Advertising Women of New York celebrates and honors the women who have taken chances and who have made a difference — for themselves, their companies or clients, or in the lives of other women. Meet the women who are Changing the Game. As you read the profiles of this year's honorees, we hope they'll inspire you to take the leap.

Marketing to Women Marketing to Women 2008

Why is marketing to women so challenging? Today's ultra-consuming woman should no longer be a mystery to marketers. With blogs, message-boards, social networks and other Internet-based feedback, what women think and want is easily at hand for brands that are listening.

Reggie Awards 2008 Reggie Awards 2008

Brandweek and the Promotion Marketing Association are excited to present the 2008 Reggie Award winners. This year is the 25th anniversary of the Reggie Awards and to commensurate this milestone the PMA brought back the cash register prize for the winner of the coveted Super Reggie.

Cable Up Cable Network Guide 2008

Every year, cable execs eagerly predict upfront money will really move away from broadcast and into their coffers. This year, because of the "perfect storm" of factors, it actually could. Top media buyers and cable leaders weigh in. PLUS, in-depth profiles show why cable's the best buy.

SRDS Highlights from SRDS' 2008 Consumer Magazine Connections®

Sample top titles from this convenient guide to consumer magazines, which was designed for and distributed to thousands of busy marketers. PDF includes links to complete SRDS data for these top consumer magazines.

Advertising Promotion Pure Porsche

Core values and calculated risks keep the premier luxury brand on course. Porsche's long-standing credibility and consistency allows the auto company to believably advertise its "philosophy" of using what its engineers learn from winning race car competitions to make their cars for the street "more responsive, more reliable and more exhilarating."

Online Advertising Marketing to Women 2007

Marketers and media aiming to modernize their approaches to women need to recognize that the old stereotypes don't hold, and even relatively new ones are being challenged daily-female marketers decry the overuse of the "capable mom" stereotype, the soccer mom has been declared a myth, grown women are avid videogame players.

Buzz Marketing Burtch Drake: Salute to O. Burtch Drake and the AAAA

In a career spanning nearly five decades, O. Burtch Drake has seen the advertising industry go from multi-martini lunches to multiplatform plays. He's left and returned to two agencies, jumped from the media department to account management to new business, jumped across the pond for a stint on the client side.

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