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Adweek Network

On- and off-line opportunities include:

    • Content Licensing – all content delivered    in XML format
    • Strategic Marketing & Product    Partnerships
    • Brand Licensing
Content Licensing:

    Daily Advertising/Branding/Media News Wire

Strategic Marketing & Product Partnerships:

    Promote your product or service to’s audience in and integrated    way
    Create information, media or products that    leverage Adweek’s brands and content
Brand Licensing:

    • Radio/TV programs, newspapers and    magazines
    • Information, media and consumer goods    products
Adweek is published weekly: Edited for ad agency executives, ADWEEK has the inside stories on: creativity, client/agency relationships, successful global advertising strategies. Plus news of accounts in review, the best creative work, new campaigns. There's wise, witty commentary in every issue. Only ADWEEK delivers national, global and important regional news of your own advertising scene.

Brandweek is the leading source of news and information in the U.S. marketing industry and the only trade magazine to offer saturation coverage at all levels of the brand-activation process. Special Reports including Marketers of the Year, Next Generation Marketers (under 40), Guerrilla Marketers and Superbrands, covering the Top 2,000 brands that spend $250 billion on media in the U.S. each year. Brandweek covers the world of brand identity marketing from big-budget ad campaigns to under-the-radar "street" efforts. An indispensable marketing magazine that is a vital part of the marketer's tool kit, Brandweek gives its busy readers valuable competitive information and insights for bringing new products and ideas to the global marketplace.

Brandweek connects with its readers in print, online and via e-newsletters. Brandweek .com delivers breaking news, analysis and industry data, as well as a host of new marketing resources and features -from careers to enhanced search options.

Brandweek covers 25 industry categories from autos to travel with perspective and insight from corporate, agency, retail and channel partners. In addition to new spending and management shifts, Brandweek focuses on brand identity, marketing strategy and services, sponsorships, licensing, media usage and distribution, and promotions. Q&As, Brand Builders, opinion and features offer in-depth case studies, trends and critical analysis.

Brandweek Departments:

    The Biz: Inside information about entertainment marketing opportunities, deals, co-branding tie-ins, and cross-promotional alliances
    The Game: Sports marketing campaigns, deals, co-branding tie-ins, and cross-promotions
    The Tracker: Trends and analysis of product placement on television
    Brand Builders: Brand identity and marketing case histories, from idea to execution
    Q&A: Exclusive interviews with industry leaders
    Out of the Box: Demographic and psychographic trends that drive consumer behavior
    Research & Insight: Important studies from noted research firms
    Top of Mind: Forward-thinking opinions from top strategists, marketers, agencies, business schools and consultants
    New Campaigns: Breaking creative
    Meta: Reading between the lines of business, politics and culture
    Tools of the Trade: Integrated ideas and events beyond traditional media usage
BRANDWEEK.COM and our e-newsletter are important marketing resources that provide users with vital competitive news of the marketing business throughout the day. Each month, delivers an average of 291,684 page views to 102,754 unique now offers more breaking news, trends and data categorized on an industry basis. Exciting new offerings include case studies, careers and search upgrades that enable users to access content from Brandweek and other VNU publications, including Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter, Convenience Store News and Progressive Grocer.

    News: National, regional; hourly breaking daily
    Creative: Breaking campaigns, plus a database of current and archived campaigns
    Supercharged Search: Access to content of Brandweek and other VNU publications
    Association Directory: Links to related marketing associations
    Brandweek Directory: Focused information about target markets
    Superbrands: Rankings, media expenditures, sales data and category analysis for America's Top 2,000 brands, current and archived back to 1997
A daily update with breaking news, topics and trends in the hottest categories. Format: HTML.

Mediaweek focuses on the content of the media and how advertising dollars follow it.
Mediaweek provides breaking industry news and expanded coverage in six key media categories - Network TV/Syndication, Cable Television, TV Stations, Interactive Media, Print and Radio. Each category will be separated out into its own content channel for fast and simple site navigation.Mediaweek is the only ad-trade magazine offering in-depth coverage of all the major ad-supported media—network TV, cable TV, syndication, TV stations, radio, print and interactive media—tracking programming and content decisions and how advertising dollars follow them. Mediaweek provides unbeatable upfront-marketplace coverage every spring and takes a leadership position in the industry with our annual Media All-Stars and Media Plan of the Year awards events.

Mediaweek magazine offers insights and analysis to help decisionmakers sift through the explosion of today’s media choices and the rise of direct-to-consumer media channels. brings readers up-to-the-minute developments about media companies and content.


– Inside Media: News briefs on programming, acquisitions, marketing partnerships, and more
– Media Elite: Quips, quotes, anecdotes and photos from recent media-business events, plus profiles of movers and shakers
– Magazines and Magazine Monitor: News, category updates and executive Q&As, plus current ad-page totals for major consumer magazines

Market Profile: An in-depth look at the media landscape of one top-50 market

Columns and Opinions:

    • Blunt Pencil: Erwin Ephron’s keen insights on some of the more technical aspects of media buys and returns
    • Mr. Television: Ratings guru Marc Berman offers his unique take on the television business, with profiles of executives and producers, and observations about programming tactics and trends
    • Rotating opinion pieces from noted industry leaders is dedicated to serving the magazine's readership with the latest breaking media industry news and analysis, along with commentary that puts that news into perspective.

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